2015 Season at a Glance

The 2015 Season has begun! See the attached flyer for a listing of the Florentine Players' 2015 Events!

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Improv All Stars

January 2015 Newsletter

January 2015 Newsletter is available!

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Melodrama 2015 Auditions

MELODRAMA 2015                      

                                                                                By Kelly Adams

2014’s  Melodrama has come and gone but not forgotten. It was well attended, (broke some records), saw many faces from past and present and even some new faces.  So we have a lot to live up to for the 2015 melodrama. so here... we... go.  We have found a fantastic script written by a local Nebraskan that will make 2015 a banner year.  The writing team is hard at work putting the ‘Florence’ touch on it and hopefully it will be as fun being in the show and watching the show as it has been working on it. The good thing is that the audience hopefully will be as drunk as the writers, so it should be ok.  Auditions are going to be February 8th at 7 P.M. and February 9th at 7 P.M. at the Florence City Hall on 28th and State.



February 8 & 9, 2015—7PM

Florence City Hall

Questions? Contact Kelly Adams




Improv All Stars 2015

Third Annual Battle Of The Improv All Stars

Hold on to your seats ladies and gems it's time for our annual improv comedy battle! This 18 years and older show promises to be the most hilarious one yet. Tickets are $10 with doors opening at 6:00 and the show starting at 7:00. Feeling saucy? Add a BOTTOMLESS cup of beer for only $5! For reservations please call Linda at 402-455-6341 or shoot us a message and we'll save you a seat. Hope to see you there!




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